Over Denominational Loads

You want your over denominational trucking to be efficient and cost-effective.
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Over Denominational Loads

Over Denominational Loads | Ohana Transportation, Inc. - Long Beach, CA

Ohana Transportation, Inc. provides over denominational loads services for you and your friends in Long Beach, CA. Our trucks can travel anywhere in the state, and they are capable of carrying your heaviest items.

We have accumulated over 50 years of knowledge and expertise in the field of trucking; we use our skills in order to help you move your over denominational loads at the cheapest rates possible.

Our trucks make your transporting jobs easy and efficient. When you choose our services, you expect quality, and that is why we make sure to deliver all your heavy loads and products with competence and timeliness.

Our over denominational transports ship items that exceed the maximum size and weight limits set on standard vehicles. You can still leave them with us; we have the professionalism that is necessary to ensure that your goods are transported safely!

Whenever you ship large items, a certain degree of finesse and experience is required; this method of transporting includes navigating over difficult routes. With us, your over denominational loads are transferred in a speedy and efficient manner, with no hassle to you at all.

We can transport a large variety of items for you and your friends, including tractors and other trucking units. Our teams are capable of handling all of your oversized and overweight cargo. We operate lifts and cranes with capacities as high as 70,000 pounds.

Ohana Transportation, Inc. offers you the best over denominational load trucking. Your highest expectations will be met and exceeded, so obtain a free rate request as soon as possible!