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Flatbeds | Ohana Transportation, Inc. - Long Beach, CA

Ohana Transportation, Inc. provides you with an extensive array of transporting services anywhere in Long Beach, CA. We offer you many kinds of vehicles, such as flatbeds, double drop, single drop, multi-axle trailers, and much more.

You may wonder: what are flatbeds? They are simply vehicles with a platform at the rear. This platform is entirely open, containing no sides, railings, roofs, or bars.

Flatbeds are advantageous in transporting items that are not particularly delicate or vulnerable to the elements, such as construction equipment and other heavy, durable products.

You want to find the most reliable flatbed trucking services in the area. Our trucks are ready to carry any significantly heavy cargo, and we ensure that your loads arrive safely at their ultimate destination.

Flatbeds are often utilized in commercial jobs because they allow you the option of more space. If you are transporting goods that require more room than is typically available in a closed vehicle, our flatbeds may be your best option.

Flatbeds transport large, heavy, and unusually-shaped items. Their long, flat surfaces provide ample amounts of space, allowing you to quickly load and unload goods, increasing speed and efficiency.

With us, you can acquire a large variety of flatbeds; you are sure to find the one that is perfect for your particular job. It does not matter what you are transporting; we want to help you do it!

If you are not sure what you want, or what flatbed truck is best for you, just ask us for assistance. We love to help, and we will find the option that works best for you.

You desire only the best products, so make an appointment with Ohana Transportation, Inc. and ask about our flatbeds!